Endodontics in Tawas City, MI

Save the Health of Your Tooth With Root Canal Therapy

We offer endodontic services, such as root canals.

Endodontic treatment involves the treatment of the pulp (the root canal) of the tooth and its surrounding tissues. The root rests below the gum line, so endodontic care is a specialty field that Dr. Johnson is pleased to offer his patients.

The root of the tooth is composed of the hard outer region with an interior channel, known as a root canal. The root canal contains pulpy soft tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. If a tooth is cracked, fractured, or damaged by tooth decay or other issues, then bacteria can enter the root canal and affect the pulp. When this happens, an endodontist removes the compromised pulp and fills in the root, preventing further decay and infection. Since the tooth cannot survive without its root, root canals are a common way to save a tooth and prevent loss.

Endodontic care can be daunting, but Dr. Johnson and his dedicated team will skillfully guide you through the process with their trademark compassion and professionalism, helping you keep your teeth and their roots healthy for a lifetime.

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Dr Johnson, and his staff are top notch! I actually want to visit the dentist! From the moment my appointment begins, ( always on time) until I check out with the front desk staff, (always smiling) I am treated with care, and compassion. I have been so impressed, I am now using Dr. Johnson for all my dental needs, including cosmetic. His treatment plan was well thought out, pain free, and looks AMAZING! I truly cannot say enough great things about, Tawas Bay Dental, and will continue to recommend to all my friends and family.


I had implants done at Tawas Bay Dental and am very pleased. My dentures fit perfectly and I have no issues with pain or eating. I highly recommend them for any dental procedure.